In The Trenches

An Interview with Stephen Johnson, PH.D. by Ellis Cose Whole Life Times, August 1994, pp.24-25 Stephen Johnson, who has been an educator and psychotherapist for over 20 years, became interested in men’s issues when he went through a “mid-life crisis.” Instead of buying a hot sports care or finding a young lover or any one

The Absent Father

Disconnected Dads, Confused Kids By Stephen Johnson, Ph.D. As printed in Whole Life Times, August 1993 Humanity is at the end of a double millennium. As it speeds toward the completion of its second thousand-year period of recorded history, the epic experiment known as civilization reveals certain bitter truths with which we must contend. It

What, Me Worry?*

By T. Jesse Goff Yeah, we know: Even paranoids have real enemies. But you’re probably just a guy who frets too much. We have cures for you. We all recognize high-achieving Andy Anxious. A bundle of private insecurities despite his public success, Andy is sure that his five-year-old son despises him, that his wife loathes