Psychotherapy is a process in which Therapist and Client discuss a myriad of issues, events, experiences and memories for the purpose of creating positive changes so that the client can experience life more fully. It provides an opportunity to better, and more deeply understand oneself, as well as, any problems or difficulties the client may be experiencing. Psychotherapy is a joint effort between Client and Therapist. Progress and success may vary depending upon the particular problems or issues being addressed, as well as many other factors.

Therapy can help people overcome obstacles to their well-being. It can increase positive feelings, such as compassion and self-esteem. People in therapy can learn skills for handling difficult situations, making healthy decisions, and reaching goals. Many find they enjoy the therapeutic journey of becoming more mindfully self-aware.

Engaging in therapy may result in a number of benefits for you including, but not limited to, reduced stress and anxiety, a decrease in negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors, improved interpersonal relationships, increased comfort in social, work, and family settings, increased capacity for intimacy, and increased self-confidence. Such benefits may also require substantial effort on your part, including an active participation in the therapeutic process, honesty, and a willingness to change feelings, thoughts and behaviors. There is no guarantee that therapy will yield any or all of the benefits listed above; however, if nothing is ventured, nothing is gained.

Participating in therapy may involve some discomfort, including remembering and discussing unpleasant events, feelings and experiences. The process may evoke strong feelings of sadness, anger, fear, etc. There may be times in which I will challenge perceptions and assumptions, and offer different perspectives. The issues that are presented may result in unintended outcomes, including changes in personal relationships. Please be aware that any decision on the status of personal relationships is the responsibility of the client.

During the therapeutic process, some clients find that they feel worse before they feel better. This is generally a normal course of events. Personal growth and change may be easy and swift at times, but may also be slow and frustrating. You are encouraged to address any concerns regarding your progress in therapy with me.

Our consultation session(s) will involve an evaluation of your needs. During the period of evaluation, I will be able to offer you some first impressions of what our work will include and together we will create a treatment plan. You should evaluate this information along with your own opinions of whether you feel comfortable working with me. If you have questions about my methods, we can discuss them whenever they arise. If your doubts persist, I will be happy to help you set up a meeting with another mental health professional for a second opinion.

If psychotherapy is begun, I will usually schedule one 50-minute session (one appointment hour of 50 minutes duration) per week at a time we agree on, although some sessions may be longer or more frequent.

I am pleased to offer a 15 minute free phone consultation to determine if it’s appropriate to set up an initial in-office consultation to further explore the potential of establishing an ongoing therapeutic relationship. Please contact me if you’d like to take the next step.